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Work is much more than your job description. Culture, atmosphere and a company’s ambitions are also important factors when searching for an employer. At Cognizant, our culture is characterised by entrepreneurship, ambitions and the chance to work on our continuing expansion in Finland.

If you choose to work at Cognizant, you choose to work in an international, entrepreneurial and ambitious environment. In addition, the sharing of knowledge is very important. As an employee, you will have ample chance to develop yourself personally, thanks to the broad portfolio of training and education offered by Cognizant.

With 260.200 employees, Cognizant is a large, worldwide player. For ten years now, we have been in the list of fastest growing Business and IT Service Providers in the world. In the US and India, we are already major players. If you join us in Finland, you can help us grow fast and contribute to our success.

In Finland, Cognizant has the ambition to increase its footprint in the region and help customers innovate. To turn these ambitions into a reality, we are always looking for committed professionals who want to make a difference.

Here, you will find more information about working at Cognizant in Finland. If you are ready to make your next career move and want to know more about what Cognizant can offer you, we are looking forward to your call or email.

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Cognizant offers its customers a wide range of services: From Quality Enginering & Assurance (QE & A) to Cognizant Business Consulting (CBC) and Cognizant Infrastructure Services (CIS) to Enterprise Application Services (EAS), to name a few examples. Curious what this means for you and in which department your specialty belongs?MORE INFORMATION

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Vacancies in Finland



Irina Blomqvist

Director, Global Innovation Ecosystem EMEA, EBA

What is it that you do?
In short my role is to look at what’s happening in the innovation world outside Cognizant and build the Cognizant brand as a thought leader, a forward thinking technology enabler, but also delivering diverse end to end innovative technology solution stacks to clients working across various industries. I belong to the Emerging Business Accelerator’s Global Innovation Ecosystem (GIE) team as a Director responsible tor EMEA in a relationship development role. GIE ensures that innovation support is extended to every geography, every business unit and every technology sector. My responsibility at a strategic level is to meet corporate mandates with respect to innovation through a portfolio of service offerings to our partners in the ecosystem and to our clients globally. Such service offerings range from innovation forums, client workshops, startup showcases, webinars, hackathons and several others.

What inspires you at work every day?
I get to meet a lot of new people in accelerators, Venture Capital firms, universities and startups – people business at its best and I enjoy it. I feel very happy when I’ve been able to identify a suitable startup to team up with and we form a long term partnership.

What would you recommend to people who are considering a career at Cognizant?
Cognizant is an entrepreneurial company with many interesting clients. You get to see a lot, learn a lot and also appreciate the pace of action. Opportunities are just in front of you!

Hans Hasselgren

Head of BPS Nordics

What is it that you do?
I’m responsible for Business Process Services in the Nordics focusing on bringing in new clients and to expand our existing relationship with clients like Volvo Cars, PostNord, ISS, Bonnier, Tryg, Norway Post, Novo Nordisk.

What inspires you at work every day?
What inspires me every day is to be able to work with so many great people within Cognizant that always have what would be best for the client in focus. The collaboration between colleagues is amazing. True teamwork that brings value to the customer every day. I’m also amazed by all the energy and positive attitude amongst all colleagues. Due to all of the above I always wake-up with a smile on my face.

What would you recommend to people who are considering a career at Cognizant?
Don’t wait. Take the chance and join Cognizant now, be part of building Cognizant towards our 2020 strategy and be part of teams that always have the client in focus.

Alberto Valero

AVP- Cognizant Infrastructure Services, Nordics lead

What is it that you do?
My goal is to grow the Infrastructure and Cloud Services business in the Nordics. I lead a business development team of Infrastructure services specialists across Nordic countries.

What inspires you at work every day?
As I mentioned previously, one thing I enjoy about working for Cognizant is the variety of work, which enables me to develop multiple skills whilst ensuring I don’t get stuck on a one-way street that leads to boredom. Being able to reach out to a global network of peers and knowing there’s little to nothing the company cannot do within reasonable boundaries is also extremely exciting when discussing assignments with customers. The most interesting customers only contribute to this. Of course, due to the international character of the assignment, I have to travel — I personally enjoy being able to meet people from all over the world and contribute to their company or society. This doesn’t just apply for customers, but for my co-workers as well. The cultural diversity is definitely an experience which I’m glad for. As a final point, I’d like to highlight the operational freedom you have at Cognizant.

What would you recommend to people who are considering a career at Cognizant?
Believe that you will play a relevant role and be ready to do it at your full potential. Don’t be shy, have fun, make a difference.

Jonas Persson

Manager – Quality Engineering & Assurance

What is it that you do?
Roles I typically take in assignments ranges from Technical Tester, QA Assessor, Test Manager. Besides my normal day to day consultant assignments I assist in the sales process as technical specialist in tools / frameworks / processes giving demos to clients and creating proposals for the RFI/RFP-Process. In order to be up to date with the latest tools, processes, frameworks, and accelerators I am a member to a virtual tech COE – which is a team with participants from all over the world jointly sharing experience within technical test. In the team I am responsible for the NORDIC markets which means that if a sales person needs a technical COE resource to come and do a demo for a client or answer on a RFP which has aspects of technical testing then I will be there to help. Besides this I also speak at test conferences and for clients on various topics within the QA-area. I enjoy working in Cognizant since the company really utilizes your skills and supports your personal development and goals.

What inspires you at work every day?
I feel that the company really supports me as an individual and the projects which I am part of. I have felt in the soon 2 years I have been in Cognizant that there is a really strong team spirit, togetherness, and drive towards common goals. I like being in a company which sets high goals and then do everything in the power of the team to get the clients satisfied with our delivery. Another big inspiration for me is that since Cognizant is such a large company I get to meet and work with people from all over the globe. I have been in high risk projects with tight deadlines and always when I have reached out for help with solving the situation I have received such big help from my colleagues around the world. My curiosity of learning more about the cultures around the world has really been met and I have attended cultural workshops where you can learn/understand the differences between cultures and how we work and interact. A larger understanding about the different cultures we have in the world is important in order to work efficient in team which has resources physically located around the world. Another inspiration is all of the research & development being done in the field of QA in Cognizant. These accelerators (Intellectual Property) is customizations/packaging of market leading + open source tools + frameworks which can really accelerate a delivery compared to other out of the box test tools.

What would you recommend to people who are considering a career at Cognizant?
First when I started I tried to understand the differences between horizontals and verticals and how the company was organized. Once I got a hang of it I understood the power of having resources specialized in a business process + practice. For example in Cognizant we have resources that are specialized in Finance Processes + SAP + Test and all of the colleagues I have been working with have been really skilled in their area of expertise. At our offices we have real diverse people working on positions all over the world. Since Cognizant is a global company there are possibilities to get assignments abroad and spend some years in another country. If you deliver beyond the expectations in an assignment you always get recognized for doing so from the management team and colleagues. Also something which I find different from other companies I have worked for is that in Cognizant professional development is really important and there is a Competence Development framework called CCA which guides each employee into taking mandatory courses and certifications in order to become a Test Manager on different levels. In Cognizant nothing is impossible and if you like a challenge and be part of an amazing journey then Cognizant is for you.

Diego Parra Garcia

Business development director

What is it that you do?
My main responsibility is to support the business development ambitions of Cognizant Infrastructure Services in the Nordic region. I am part of a very agile and versatile team, looking after opportunities where Cognizant can make a difference and challenge the status quo, in a mature and competitive market. The era of digitalisation and speed of technology are providing new ways with which to break down boundaries. And these provide the main sources of new options through which to challenge the market and the competition. My responsibility is to leverage all those capabilities in order to grow our footprint in the region.

What inspires you at work every day?
First of all, I feel as though I am part of a start up, which gives you a different perspective on how to approach things. There is a lot of “do it yourself”, which is very interesting, especially when you have come from a rigid organisation where you cannot deviate much from the rules of the establishment. Secondly, it's a personal challenge to be at the forefront of things, fully driven by results and still be able to succeed. When you are out of your comfort zone, you grow and evolve, and that’s exactly what Cognizant offers you, by giving you the accountability and decision power. Thirdly, it is about the market and how you can make an impact. It is a challenge that motivates me as well as presenting many difficulties, which I recognise, due to the start-up mode that we have today in the region. At the same time these challenges are very attractive because of the feeling also that you have of a huge company behind you, which supports you when you really need to differentiate yourself from the competition. And that’s something Cognizant definitely does.

What would you recommend to people who are considering a career at Cognizant?
To have patience in the recruitment process. It takes time. Let’s just acknowledge that so that we don't lose our nerves. After that, be open minded, especially depending on where you come from. This is a huge organisation, but depending on the region where you are based it might not seem like this (you perhaps cannot say the same if you are based in India or the US). In Europe or APAC, don’t expect a lot of luxury or things like that. We allocate our resources to the things that really matter: Our customers. The rest is useless and a waste of time. It is all about clients, and having a passion to deliver and a determination to be different.

Pauliina Suonpää

Senior Client Partner

What is it that you do?
I lead the business for our existing clients in Finland.

What inspires you at work every day?
Cognizant is a very innovative organisation, and, together with our global teams, we want to ensure that we exceed the expectations of our clients. Every day is different. I like interacting with clients, managing client relationships and bringing new and innovative ideas which help them to improve their business.

What would you recommend to people who are considering a career at Cognizant?
Cognizant is a company which encourages you to do things differently and to find the best solutions for your specific client. The client is always the focus of attention. You should join and experience it for yourself!

Vesa Ruotsalainen

Associate Director, Sales

What is it that you do?
I reach out to, and talk and interact with potential and existing customers as much as I can through all the relevant channels and means in order to understand their needs. Then, I anticipate and consult with internal stakeholders in different verticals and horizontals to find out which of Cognizant’s capabilities and competitive edges would add the most value to customers’ businesses. Based on that, I orchestrate the discussions between the key stakeholders of both parties to build the right solutions, close deals, and to try and create maximal mutual benefit and satisfaction, both for the customer and Cognizant.

What inspires you at work every day?
It was the Cognizant story, born of a global perspective, with all the challenges and joys of a truly multinational company, that initially sparked my interest and I have not been disappointed. That's why I chose Cognizant. I could foresee the evolution and, indeed, the revolution in the Finnish IT market where local or Nordic vendors could no longer compete because their scale and competencies didn't match the needs of the customers, who themselves have to compete in a tough, international world and hence need world-class IT support.

What would you recommend to people who are considering a career at Cognizant?
If you are ready for an adventure, and if you are up for being challenged and can orientate yourself, take the plunge and join us! The benefits that Cognizant affords its customers are created through a passion for customer satisfaction, and not by focusing unduly on paperwork or bureaucratic internal processes. This is fun and it works.




Cognizant differs from other companies offering IT services in many ways. Most important is our strong culture that focuses on customer satisfaction. Values are important in all businesses and at Cognizant, we place a great importance in not just talking about them, we also live them. This is the big difference!

We take each client and project seriously and work towards finding them the best solution. That’s why you can find us at the top when client companies evaluate their suppliers in outsourcing and information technology.

I hope you will come by some day to discuss how we can help your organisation!

Kaushik Sarkar
Head of Cognizant Nordic


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In addition to an attractive salary and excellent benefits, Cognizant offers, above all, a working environment full of exciting challenges.

An environment in which you have the freedom to proactively work on your own ideas to help improve Cognizant even further. At Cognizant Finland, an entrepreneurial, hands-on mentality and a proactive mind-set are important aspects for your success in our organization. Does this appeal to your ambition? Would you like to contribute to the success of Cognizant Finland? Then these will become your terms of employment when you start working for us:

  • • Working for a company which has been one of the fastest growing IT companies worldwide for years
  • • Consulting globally leading international clients
  • • A multicultural environment with an open culture and knowledge sharing amongst colleagues
  • • A competitive compensation package including health insurance and pension plan
  • • A career development plan
  • • Unlimited access to our own Cognizant Academy with hundreds of training modules and development capabilities

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Nordic Head of Recruitment

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Senior Corporate Recruiter Nordics

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